Data Platform

Enables customers to extract the value from their real-time data.


Sensors are generating valuable data in real and near-real time. However the custodians of this data are rarely able to extract the full value of because ingesting, storing, analysing and distributing data in real-time has required large complex and costly technology systems.

Axalon ARK is a cost-effective, secure and scalable sensor data platform. It is delivered as-a-service, enabling organisations to collect real-time and batch data from one source, or thousands, anywhere in the world.


Once ingested, your data is securely stored and published via an API, so your customers can access data directly or through a searchable web user interface.

ARK's data lake, analysis and visualisation (ARKVIS) tools enable you to explore historical data to mine insight. ARKVIS provides a suite of real-time visualisation tools to display data for individual or aggregate sensors.


Growing demand to ingest and interact with fast-moving streams of data is making real-time data integration a critical competency for IoT initiatives.

This requires the ability to act on data in motion (fast data) to support smarter operations, and mining longitudinal data (big data) to gain insights that can be applied in real time.

Mobile Data

Real-Time Streaming Data

Ark enables organisations to ingest and interact with streams of data (fast data) and unlock the value of their data by providing streaming ingestion, tagging and storage.

ARK enables event-driven alerting.

Data Analytics + Insights

ARK Data lake provides a store of historical batch and streaming data for mining and analysis.

Use our visualisation, data mining and analysis tools to identify actionable insights.

Self Service

ARK provides self-service tools to enable organisations to ingest and interact with longitudinal data (big data).  

Self-service interfaces (API and UI) support customer access to streaming data and upload of batch data from sensors.

Unlimited Sensors

ARK meets both the fast and big data requirements in an IoT architecture to build a comprehensive IoT solution.

Real-time visualisation of streaming sensor data supports analysis and communication.


How can I get access to Ark?

ARK is in active development and due for release in December 2016.
We are working with customers to refine the platform prior to launch.
If you'd lke more information or are interested in helping us test, please subscribe.


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